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A digital photo frame for Monet’s & Dali’s:

 Last September (2 years back, now) when I found myself drawn to Panasonic’s 152” Plasma HDTV during the Custom Electronic Design Installation Association (CEDIA) show in Atlanta like a moth to light, I realized that it’s everything I ever wanted in a photo frame. You see, at the moment they were displaying artwork of the slideshow variety, because naturally that’s what people want to see in a 4K2K resolution!!??!!

30 minutes into hugging this 3D capable mammoth of a double awesome personal display unit for the serious art buff (or movie fanatic, if that’s what your into) It became apparent to me that I have to either win the lottery or rob a bank to come up with the $500,000.00 that it cost’s to continue that feeling of excitement at home, which doesn’t cover the cost to have it trucked to, and craned into my house from the warehouse where it will shipped first. It also doesn’t cover the cost on a mount or stand, both of which are sold separately, you know, just in case you would want to do either of those things.

I figure when I win the Mega Millions lottery, I’ll be able digitize the Dali that’s in my bedroom and finally have a suitable frame to display it in.