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That new #AppleWatch, tho. #WearableTech

I knew the enterprise was piloted by an @Android OS.

You’ve got 6 months @Nike.

You’ve got 6 months @Nike.

Just had @Google’s (@Nest) newly acquired #StartUp , @Dropcam, on the AV Insider #Podcast for @rAVePubs. Be on the lookout for the this company and where things are headed for your home #Technology.

Past episodes here: (at Larkfield)

@Facebook these days:

@Facebook these days:

Beats By Apple

While the Beats acquisition may just be rumors (also extremely likely), its a smart move on Tim Cook’s part.

Apple isn’t doing well with its own iTunes radio service, and the purchase of Beats makes sense.

While beats headphones aren’t high quality by any means, they are a status symbol as is owning a Apple product. Apple’s current headphones aren’t great either, but, this will be some sort of improvement for them as will the Beats Radio transformation that will inevitably become Apple’s main radio service.

What they should do is make it free (to some extent, and add a premium service much like Spotify does).

This will be Apple’s largest purchase since Steve Jobs bought Next in the 90’s, but again, very smart for Tim Cook and Apple.

In order to stay hip/cool and current with the kids, they need something like this to succeed and progress as a company, albeit a bit late to the game.

I’m curious to see what will happen over the next few days if indeed Apple does acquire Beats.

What so you?

1st grader’s iNvention: Modern Survival Case.

In a post apocalyptic world, dreams are shattered, food is scarce, a constant battle with the elements for life and shelter.

Predators ate never too far away, you’ll need to always be alert and aware of you’re surroundings.

However, as long as you have the modern man’s survival case, things aren’t so bad. Oh, and WiFi…definitely WiFi. (at San Miguel School)

Celebrating my favorite holiday, @recordstoreday, at @lastrecordstore in @downtownsr #RecordStoreDay (at The Last Record Store)

I got 99 remotes and…none of these is the one I need. (at Energy Plus Wholesale Lighting)

Johnny’s humorous and informative artsy tech blog turned 3 today!

The @sonos PLAY 3 wasn’t designed to be in a damp area like the PLAY 1 was, but it doesn’t stop my brother (@s4b4t4g3) from keeping his there. (at Vinyard Creek Corner)

@Emotiva_Audio Airmotiv 4s monitors came in the mail today. Review coming soon to @geekbeattv. Just getting things dialed in at the moment.

Also pictured:


#Art & #Audiophile goodies makes me feel at peace.

The New @Emotiva_Audio Airmotiv 4s

Whether you’re a pro looking for a compact, accurate near-field monitor, or an audiophile who wants great sound for your desktop, the airmotiv 4s are an incredible value. With excellent impact, resolution, depth, and control, the airmotiv 4s are ready to help you create accurate mixes—or to replace modest computer speakers with accurate ones that deliver truly stunning sound. New Outside and In Our new airmotiv speakers combine design and technology cues from the flagship Stealth line in a compact, affordable package. With an all-new, low-diffraction faceted front baffle, computer-optimized internal bracing, and a redesigned preamp board with premium Emotiva-spec capacitors, the airmotiv 4s belt out impressive performance from their 50 watts of bi-amplified power. Tiny Wonder—Huge Possibilities At only 1/3 cubic foot per speaker, the airmotiv 4s are at home even on a small desk. For a home studio or desktop listening system, they provide amazing performance for their size. Or connect a pair to a portable CD player or an iPod to make a fantastic mini-system for a small room or office. Add a wireless connection or networked music client for great sound throughout the house. Or, connect them directly to a preamp, DAC, or AV preamp for a stunning music or movie system. Superior Transducer Technology Our exclusive airmotiv high-frequency transducer provides crystal clear, extended highs— extending comfortably above the range of human hearing. At the same time, the powerful, precision-engineered airmotiv low-frequency transducer delivers clean, accurate bass without any of the thinness or thump that plague other small speakers. Audiophile-Grade Amplifications Unlike many small monitors, the airmotiv 4s use precision Class AB bi-amplification — separate amps for the woofer and the high-frequency transducer. And, each amplifier is audiophile-grade, with a toroidal power transformer, large electrolytic power capacitors, and stacked metalized film capacitors used throughout. Combined with balanced and unbalanced inputs, trim controls to adjust the response to your studio or room, and unobtrusive overdrive protection, they deliver all the detail and dynamics you’d expect from audiophile components. “What I need most from a speaker is to have my mixes translate accurately to other systems. It is critical to have instruments accurately blend around dialogue on television shows. The Emotiva’s pass this test extremely well. I feel like they give me an extremely accurate mix with no surprises when played on other systems. The tweeter has such a wonderful sound with out sounding harsh. When combined with a sub woofer I feel like I can hear every detail from top to bottom. Speakers are highly personal and subjective, but the Emotiva’s are amazing and I highly recommend them.”  Danny Lux  (Grey’s Anatomy, Harry’s Law, Raising Hope, Boston Legal, etc..) RECOMMENDED USES As near-field monitors for a pro studioAs small monitors for a home sound studioWith an iPod or other source as a small room or office stereoAs an audio upgrade for a high-end TV or video monitorDirectly with a DAC or preamp in a small audiophile systemAs superb compact satellites for a small high-end surround sound system