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@mcintoshlabs’ 275 amp + @_audioquest_ cables = Sonic purr-fection:

The 50th Anniversary Limited Edition McIntosh MC275 tube power amplifiers combine modern convenience and performance enhancements without altering the sound character that has made it famous for the past 50 years. A very limited quantity of the special 50th Anniversary Limited Edition McIntosh MC275 has been created for only the most discerning of audio connoisseurs. Individuals who are fortunate enough to own this timeless amplifierare certainly amongst the most sophisticated audio enthusiasts globally (at Magnolia Design Center)

Hipster #Bendgate

Hipster #Bendgate

Never forget.

That new #AppleWatch, tho. #WearableTech

I knew the enterprise was piloted by an @Android OS.

You’ve got 6 months @Nike.

You’ve got 6 months @Nike.

Just had @Google’s (@Nest) newly acquired #StartUp , @Dropcam, on the AV Insider #Podcast for @rAVePubs. Be on the lookout for the this company and where things are headed for your home #Technology.

Past episodes here: (at Larkfield)

@Facebook these days:

@Facebook these days:

Beats By Apple

While the Beats acquisition may just be rumors (also extremely likely), its a smart move on Tim Cook’s part.

Apple isn’t doing well with its own iTunes radio service, and the purchase of Beats makes sense.

While beats headphones aren’t high quality by any means, they are a status symbol as is owning a Apple product. Apple’s current headphones aren’t great either, but, this will be some sort of improvement for them as will the Beats Radio transformation that will inevitably become Apple’s main radio service.

What they should do is make it free (to some extent, and add a premium service much like Spotify does).

This will be Apple’s largest purchase since Steve Jobs bought Next in the 90’s, but again, very smart for Tim Cook and Apple.

In order to stay hip/cool and current with the kids, they need something like this to succeed and progress as a company, albeit a bit late to the game.

I’m curious to see what will happen over the next few days if indeed Apple does acquire Beats.

What so you?

1st grader’s iNvention: Modern Survival Case.

In a post apocalyptic world, dreams are shattered, food is scarce, a constant battle with the elements for life and shelter.

Predators ate never too far away, you’ll need to always be alert and aware of you’re surroundings.

However, as long as you have the modern man’s survival case, things aren’t so bad. Oh, and WiFi…definitely WiFi. (at San Miguel School)

Celebrating my favorite holiday, @recordstoreday, at @lastrecordstore in @downtownsr #RecordStoreDay (at The Last Record Store)

I got 99 remotes and…none of these is the one I need. (at Energy Plus Wholesale Lighting)

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